Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snapshots: December 2011

Wishing you a Meowy Christmas, happy holidays and a nom-filled New Year! :3
KoraCat throughout late 2011...

And remember to be on the lookout for online shysters this season!
*The above is an actual conversation recently taken from our FB records. Some names have been altered to protect the innocent. :P

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beauty Products: December 2011

My verdict has finally arrived on some of the products I ordered earlier in the year. Instead of the usual cosmetic makeup used to cover up flaws, this year I tried out some more natural beauty enhancement products. 
I mostly invested in eyelash growth serum, finishing powder compacts and staple facial cleansers. You can probably guess by the varied review lengths that I have tested some items more than others.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snapshots: November 2011

I'll strive to post one of these monthly, because that's just what cats need - more internet exposure.
Snapshots of Kora Cat will serve as a random visual diary of her life. I hope you enjoy it. :3
Lesson: Poking a hole into the button lid of a jar will make it easy to open.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Game Reviews: November 2011

What better way is there to welcome the new year, other than digging out your old game cartridges? Okay, you’re right. Planting your face into the cat’s fluff also qualifies.

Not surprisingly, 95% of all the Game Boy games I own are either Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh titles. I’ve picked out two of them which can be played at your convenience, and with your friends. I mean, with other players.

*** Obligatory Possible Spoiler Warning ***

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kora Cat’s Plaything List

I can’t be releasing so many favourite lists without also offering Kora Cat a slice of the pie. Thus, here is a list of all her most cherished (and neglected) playthings.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Card Game Lists

The year is drawing to a close, and the Christmas season is almost upon us once more. For me, this holiday marks an important tradition (which I shall entitle ‘Screw the Rules, I Have Money’ Month from this day forth). In other words, it’s time to splurge on boxes of stuff you never knew you needed until just a moment ago. Or, in my case... even more boxes of stuff than usual.

This year, I have decided to expand my collection of trading cards.

Monday, October 31, 2011

On Learning Music

After recently watching an anime series (La Corda d'Oro) which glorified violinists and other classical musicians, I found myself aimlessly wandering YouTube seeking inspiration from those gifted with real musical talent.
Several funny cat videos later, I stumbled across something known as the Canon Rock. You may recall the memorable melody of Pachelbel’s Canon from an early snippet of your youth, except some clever composers these days have ‘modernised’ it. No longer will you have that twitchy urge to hit fast forward until you reach the chorus, because now the entire piece is nearly the same degree of awesomeness all the way through.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

About Favourite Foods

If there’s one topic everyone can relate to, it’s food. Today, I’ll be listing some of my favourite foods and beverages.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anime Reviews: September 2011

First up, not much anime this month. Mainly because I’m out of stuff that’s actually good, but this time also because I caught some kind of nasty flu. It’s one of those strains that causes a stuffy nose, coughing and vomiting all at once. Yup. Anyway, onto the anime!

*** Obligatory Possible Spoiler Warning ***

About Deal Breakers

It was decided that this month’s topic would be relationship deal breakers. It’s a little different, but at least this will serve as a useful guide for any potential suitors crazy enough to even try. Incidentally, this particular topic was deemed way too controversial for publication on the collaborative site. Nevertheless, I’m posting my two cents on it here anyway. En Garde! :P

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

About Cats Vs. Dogs

Cats Vs. Dogs

You may be wondering what my thoughts are on dogs, given my unwavering fixation with cats. Today, I will be exploring some fundamental questions and touching on a few common misconceptions about the topic.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Anime Reviews: August 2011 + Bonus

It's been a long month, and I'm presenting an even longer post. Yup, you should be grateful that your underarms don't smell like yoghurt and the cat hasn't tried sniffing your bellybutton. Well... Onwards!

*** Obligatory Possible Spoiler Warning ***

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is a refreshingly unique series which teaches players about farming and community values. Given the relaxed setting, it is actually quite surprising that so many people have played and enjoyed the series. Having played through many Harvest Moon games myself throughout the years, I shall write for you some thoughts on it and list the marriage candidates in order of personal preference. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

About Contentment

And now, it’s time for some rare insight into the contributing factors of general contentment. Although happiness as a whole varies widely between individuals, there are some basic core elements which we can all share and utilise.

Personally, I have always found that some immediate contentment can be gained by combining the following factors:

Music + Pastel Colours + Blanket + Sugar + Cat/Game/TV Series/Reading

However, long term and overall happiness would usually require more ingredients to be thrown into the mix. Some of these will be touched on below, in order of perceived priority.

Affordable Beauty Products

Some beauty basics ideal for the lazy and broke. Like me. :>
Missha Auto Eyebrow Pencil

I have this eyebrow pencil in brown/grey. It draws on light, making it easier to build up and less likely to look too intense. Missha's pencil is also one of those retractable-crayon types which never needs to be sharpened. The colour shade matches well for people with dyed or not-so-black hair, otherwise for black hair you can go for the Shiseido Gray Eyebrow Pencil instead. They also double as less heavy looking eyeliner.

Nail Filing Block

These things are so amazing. You can polish your bare nails until they go all smooth and shiny, like a well varnished saloon floor. Say goodbye to that crusty month-old nail varnish look. They also come in a slimmer file form, which are less bulky to carry around, but fall apart more easily. I’m almost glad that spa salesman with the long eyelashes pulled me off the street to show me this product. Except that I still didn’t buy anything from him. 

Mattifying Powder

A godsend for people with oily type skin. It’s a translucent white powder which blots away oily shine that builds up at the end of the day. No longer will your head resemble a bowling ball each evening. 

Max Factor Sheer Gloss Balm

Provides a more natural lip colour without smearing or staining. It also prevents your lips from drying out and cracking, but it’s less sticky than just a regular colourless balm. I got mine free as a promotional gift from someone working in retail. You can also get other free stuff sent to your house by filling out online sample forms.

Brandless Eye Shadow Palette

It’s so cheap that it has no brand! Sure, it does suck that none of the colours show up very well, but at least you get a lot of them. Good for people who don’t have heavy double lids, and can also be used as eyeliner or brow filler. Pulls off the subtle winged eyeliner look quite well.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Are exams near? Don’t feel like starting that assignment until 4 hours before the due date? Welcome to the wonderful world of meaningless and infinite possibilities that is procrastination!

Anime Reviews: July 2011

Anime season continues with the burning intensity of a Charizard’s Flamethrower.~

*** Obligatory Possible Spoiler Warning ***

Puyo Puyo (DS)


Puyo Puyo is one of those rare, timeless games which I do actually pick up and replay. It’s a cute fusion of Tetris and Connect Four presented in the form of colourful jelly. You can rotate and position the jelly blocks as they drop from above, to trigger popping chains which can hurt your opponent. Every time you pop a chain, your selected character will perform a unique attack and nuisance Puyo jelly will drop down into the rival screen. The longer the chain you set off, the more powerful the attack you will use. I really enjoy this addition to the game, as it creates something more than just a puzzle game. I think it must have something to do with the secret animalistic desire in us all to destroy our opponents via Spirit Bomb. In any case, praise the developer who actually managed to think up a way to make a game about jelly popping as exciting as Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon. Although there isn’t much of a storyline, I feel that the super chibi character designs more than make up for it. Besides, it’s a light-hearted jelly popping game. Nobody would be able to take that seriously, right?

Anime Reviews: June 2011

It’s the season for anime!~ And there’s a lot to get through.

*** Obligatory Possible Spoiler Warning ***

BB Cream Reviews

BB creams are a product that sit somewhere between foundation and skincare, and therefore they can save you both time and money. Many BB creams include multiple functions on top of acting as a foundation, such as UV protection, moisturiser and blemish healing properties.

Starry Sky: In Spring

Somehow I stumbled upon another otome game with a fan made English translation patch, this time for the PC. Starry Sky is a series based on the signs of the zodiac, giving players a massive pool of twelve guys to choose from. The down side is that you only get to choose out of three different guys for each season, and so you have to play all four games to meet everyone. But fortunately, I took one look at the game posters and pretty much knew exactly which two characters to aim for.

The Cat Lists

Anime Reviews: April 2011

It’s time for April’s selection of anime reviews. At this point, I’d like to let you know that I am running out of highly rated series to watch. ^^'

*** Obligatory Possible Spoiler Warning ***

Anime Obsession Scale

And now, I present to you a handy dandy scale measuring anime character obsession magnitude. Use it wisely along with your own personalised flowchart.

Cricket Keeping

Today, I’ll be introducing you to the humble black field cricket. They can make great alternative pets for those of you who aren’t allowed to keep cats at home, and are easy to maintain. Plus, they’re such cute little critters. Just look at those loving beady eyes.


Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side (DS)

Tokimeki Memorial: First Love Plus (DS)
To celebrate the fact that the English Translation patch for my favourite Tokimeki Memorial game is finally complete, I feel that I’m going to have to write something more in depth about it. At long last, you will be able to understand what on earth all those guys are saying in their husky Japanese voices. /^^/

*** Obligatory Possible Spoiler Warning ***

Game Reviews: April 2011

Sailor Moon (Arcade)

These include all the old Sailor Moon side-scroller arcade games. These are all very similar, so I’ll be focusing on the two SNES releases.

*** Obligatory Possible Spoiler Warning ***

About Cats

Today, I will be enlightening you about keeping cats as pets. It is important to note that cats are quite different companion animals from dogs, and so they will rarely behave in the same way.

Let’s look at the reaction of a disobedient dog after being scolded compared to that of a cat:

The dog generally seems apologetic while the cat looks quite snide.
Cats hate being controlled and it is very difficult to force them to do something they don’t want to. I think this is the fundamental difference between cats and dogs.

Pokémon: A Lazy Tally

Now, let’s count all the dodgy looking Pokémon that were ever designed! ^^

Train Commuters

A checklist of some interesting folk you might observe while travelling via the public transport network.

Amusing Lyrics

Misheard Lyrics
These arise when the lyrics of a song sound unclear, thus causing confusion. This is especially common in music sung with languages other than English, producing subtitles of hilarious gibberish. A must if you find fobby languages such as Chinglish, Engrish or Spanglish funny.

Pokémon: Ways to Win

You may have gathered by now that I played the Pokémon games quite a lot in my day. However, I am not a competitive battler so I don’t fight actual players. With that in mind, here are some methods on how to do well at the Battle Frontier in-game.

Anime Reviews: March 2011

As we all know, anime is the fastest and most efficient way to enrich your otherwise bland afternoons. Whether it be for laughs, fights or reflection, those of you who don’t watch enough anime are missing out on something truly essential to living.

Here are some musings about a few that I have watched recently in March 2011.
*** Obligatory Possible Spoiler Warning ***

Shills BB Cream: Real Vs. Fake

(Cherry Blossom Edition)

As a bonus, I’m going to let you know the differences I noticed between a genuine Shills BB Cream and a cheap copy. Make sure to check your product carefully to avoid being jibbed!

About Make-Up

Now, given that I seldom actually go outside for any reason other than getting my mail, I don’t actually know much about painting my face. However, I am qualified to tell you how not to look like a bum, thereby giving you slightly more chance of success at that job interview.

About Pokémon

Today, I am going to discuss something that I feel is very important – I am going to be educating you about Pokémon. I know most people believe it is a children’s franchise, and while that is partially true, it concerns me that so many fail to see the whole picture. To call Pokémon a child’s game and to look down upon those who enjoy it, you must understand what the franchise consists of entirely; otherwise you are simply proving your own ignorance.