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Card Game Lists

The year is drawing to a close, and the Christmas season is almost upon us once more. For me, this holiday marks an important tradition (which I shall entitle ‘Screw the Rules, I Have Money’ Month from this day forth). In other words, it’s time to splurge on boxes of stuff you never knew you needed until just a moment ago. Or, in my case... even more boxes of stuff than usual.

This year, I have decided to expand my collection of trading cards.

Allow me to tell you a really boring back-story.

Sometime between the years 1998-1999, I was hit particularly badly with the incurable disease known as Pokémania. It was around this time that I discovered Pokémon merchandise being sold in a few local stores. The most significant of these products were single cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG). Not long after, I began watching the original series of Pokémon on Cheez TV, which only made my obsession with trading cards progressively worse.

Interestingly, back in my day most kids only collected Pokémon cards instead of actually playing against each other with them. There were only two major reasons I collected the cards myself: 1) They were pretty and 2) It was my only way of catching ‘em all at the time.

Fast forward to a few years later, when the Pokémon craze began to fade.

There was a new card game in town, by the name of Yu-gi-oh: Duel Monsters. Now at this point, most people had long forgotten about trading cards and were quickly transforming into angsty teenagers. But I never cared for social popularity, and instead purchased an enormous quantity of both Pokémon games and Yu-gi-oh cards. Ah, those were the days.

Unlike the Pokémon TCG, Yu-gi-oh is a series devoted entirely to the very same card game being sold. The Duel Monsters card game itself was also much smoother to play, and allowed for greater personal customisation.

Due to the better gameplay, daily screenings of the animated series, and my fixation with a certain entity with the initials S.K, I accumulated enough Yu-gi-oh cards to wallpaper an apartment with. All this occurred before Ebay or single card vendors were readily accessible to me. As a result, I now have a heap of non-holographic card fodder ready to be donated to orphans or used as emergency fuel. And I still regret nothing.

Today, I own nearly every Pokémon and Yu-gi-oh card I originally set out to collect. This accomplishment was largely possible because of game stores and online vendors selling single cards. I would also like to extend my thanks to the unfortunate souls who I pestered into accompanying me on my card quest. I apologise for my poor sense of direction. :3

And now, some lists of my favourite cards.

Note - I have judged them vaguely as follows:

Art > Power > Usefulness > Value

Art > Value

Magic: The Gathering
Art > Power > Value

I often end up with beatdown decks full of equip cards.

Monster ~


1. Blue-Eyes White Dragon
You say Duel Monsters, and the first card that comes to mind is the illustrious Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Don't try to tell me about the Dark Magician, because the Blue-Eyes White Dragon can eat that guy alive. You didn't really believe a man draped in purple could compete against a lightning spitting dragon, right? I didn't think so. :P

(Including all related and support cards)

2. Yata-Garasu
This spirit crow can lock the game so that your opponent cannot draw new cards. It may then proceed to peck at their face while you wipe out any remaining life points.
- Robbin' Goblin will also conveniently force them to discard a card in their hand for each beating you deliver.

3. Gemini Elf, Luster Dragon
My original favourite level 4 monsters with 1900 attack points.
The Gemini Elf looks somewhat tortured for some reason...
Luster Dragon combines my preference for dragons and gemstones nicely.

[Level 4 – Attack = 1900 or more]
Gemini Elf, Luster Dragon, Mad Dog of Darkness, Vorse Raider, Insect Knight, Sabersaurus, Archfiend Soldier, Alien Shocktrooper, Warrior of Atlantis
Crusader of Endymion, Evocator Chevalier, Thunder King Rai-Oh, Dodger Dragon, Harpie Queen, Flamvell Firedog, XX-Saber Boggart Knight, Skilled Dark Magician, Slate Warrior, Volcanic Rocket, Paladin of the Cursed Dragon, Assault Beast, Cactus Fighter, Psychic Snail, Spear Dragon, Power Breaker
Gene-Warped Warwolf
Axe Dragonute, Berserk Gorilla
Zombrya the Dark, Naturia Spiderfang
Goblin Elite Attack Force, Giant Orc
Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei
Chainsaw Insect


1. Soul Tiger
Great card art, great defense and an amusing description to boot.

- I will also mention Neo Aqua Madoor for having 3000 defense points.

2. Guardian Sphinx
This card has been responsible for many a victory, clearing the field for direct attacks.

- Ordeal of a Traveler is a useful trap with card art featuring Guardian Sphinx.

3. Total Defense Shogun
Able to defend and attack at the same time. Versatile.


Beautiful Headhuntress
I'm proud to say that I now own a real copy of this card. I find it ironic that the description refers to this beauty as a 'vicious creature'. Then again, she is wielding an enormous butcher's knife. 

Luster Dragon
I play dragons, and emerald is May's birthstone. Excellent.

[Worth Mentioning]

Mokey Mokey
An emo fairy with anger management issues, apparently.

I know it looks silly, but Marshmallon is actually an amazing card.


Kills off all your opponent's monsters. Also provides priceless opportunities to play 'How Could This Happen To Me' by Simple Plan.

Harpie’s Feather Duster
The Raigeki equivalent for destroying your opponent's Magic and Trap cards.

Monster Reborn
Monster Reborn basically allows you to steal the beatstick your opponent lost, and then use it to beat them senseless. Or, you can use it to revive your own monster.

Fairy Meteor Crush
Renders your opponent's defensive monsters useless at protecting their life points. 

[Equip Spell]

United We Stand
The centrepiece equip card of any serious beatdown deck.

Mage Power
Almost as good as United We Stand, provided you use a lot of magic and trap cards. Especially powerful when used with Maha Vailo.

Axe of Despair
Adds 1000 attack points, with no penalty. Can even be returned to the top of your deck for a price.


Mirror Force
Allows you to stop your opponent's attack, and destroy all of their attacking monsters.

Call of the Haunted
Trap version of Monster Reborn, except you can't use it to steal your opponent's monsters.

Magic Cylinder
Tricks your opponent's monster into attacking their owner's life points.

Bottomless Trap Hole
Your opponent's monster falls into a hole. You laugh maniacally.

Used to beat down enemy monsters. Works well with Fairy Meteor Crush.

Solemn Wishes
A reliable way of increasing your life points each turn.

Girly Decks
For those who refuse to play hideous musclemen.

You can always go here for more of your girly card needs, but I’ve hand-picked some for your viewing pleasure:

Dark Magician Girl
*The number one cutest female card in the Yu-gi-oh universe. The DPYG version is especially pretty.

Harpie Queen

Gemini Elf (See Above)

Familiar-Possessed – Aussa, Eria, Hiita, Wynn

Dunames Dark Witch

Dark Valkyria

Amazoness Paladin

Cyber Harpie Lady

Dancing Fairy

Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier

Caam, Serenity of Gusto

D.D Assailant

Cold Enchanter

D.D Warrior Lady

Cure Mermaid

Blizzard Princess


Injection Fairy Lily
*Don’t mix life points and drugs, kids.

Reese the Ice Mistress

Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle

Harpie Girl

Mystical Elf

Pretty much my favourite Pokémon art only, as drawing energy cards is tedious.

1. Light Vaporeon

2. Light Jolteon

3. Dark Jolteon

4. Dark Vaporeon

5. Espeon

[Worth Mentioning]



Magic: The Gathering
I’m new to this game, but in true beatdown tradition, I am building a Forest deck. Full of cats.

1. Springing Tiger

2. Scythe Tiger

3. Uktabi Wildcats
*Those wildcats are eating a hippo. Alive. While in the water. :O

4. Hunting Cheetah

5. Sacred Wolf

6. Wolf Pack
7. Mirri, Cat Warrior
*So good that I had to go back and order three more.
8. Beastmaster Ascension

9. Natural Order

*Oh, what a pretty kitt... That monkey is dead, isn't it? :'<
10. Slashing Tiger

[Worth Mentioning]
Khalni Hydra

Primordial Hydra

Allosaurus Rider

*Just admit that you've always wanted to spear stuff while riding atop a dinosaur.
Elvish Piper

Penumbra Bobcat
*Does anyone else find the hapless native funny?
Recommended Seller:

Reduced shipping costs for orders of up to about 100 cards, which is good news for those of us all the way in Australia. They also offer a wide selection of card albums and protective sleeves for condition perfectionists like me.

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  1. Good old Marshmallon. That card led me to many victories.