Saturday, March 30, 2013

Snapshots: March 2013

Kora Cat turns 3 years old on April 1st this year! :3
KC-Gen-1-Badge- Prototypes KoraCat Kanto Gym Badges KC Indigo League Badges
Our Kanto Badges got here just in time for the event.
KoraCat-Wing-Earrings Bird-Or-Plane Pokemon-Kanto-Badges-1
Autumn is here, so expect to see a gradual increase in coat fluff soon.
The-Paw-1 Stacked-Feets The-Great-Grub-KoraCat

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Plants Vs. Zombies

There are not many games which I pick up and play in my leisure time quite so much as this one. Most of the typical ones I play usually involve cute, fuzzy creatures clobbering each other to a pulp. Plants Vs. Zombies offers (as the title conveniently suggests) a strategic battle against the various species of undead which stagger across your lawn in search of delicious brains.