Monday, February 27, 2012

Snapshots: February 2012

KoraCat celebrates the completion of a collection! :D
Late summer brings us heavy rains and blistering heatwaves...
Kora Cat has also improved her hunting skills, and is now able to fetch me the correct species of cricket. :>

Monday, February 20, 2012

Collection Completion

Yes! I actually do have a good reason for not posting this month:

Since I recently crossed off nearly every item on my wishlist, I've been updating my collection site with pretty photos.

It has been a fantastic journey. I've met some wonderful fellow collectors and cat owners.
And so, as I descend slowly into retirement, I would very much like to share a part of my collection with you.

- A List of Favourite Collection Items - 

Some of you may recognise the merchandise pictured here, while others may not. Let me just assure you that acquiring these particular items was no easy task. :>

#1. Clear Kids (Eevee Evolution Set)

These five clear Kids are the main focus of my collection. I finally have all of them together, which is kind of a big deal to most Eevee evolution collectors. I can take spiffy photos of them now for all to admire. ^^

- Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, Leafeon and Glaceon were won via YJ auctions
- Umbreon was purchased from the pkmncollectors community, via auction
- Flareon was won as part of a GA hosted on the pkmncollectors community

#2. Amada Stickers (Eevee Evolution Set)

Japanese flat stickers, all showing various new art.

- All were won via YJ auctions

#3. Pokedoll Bubble Stickers (Eevee Evolution Set)

- Purchased from the pkmncollectors community

#4. Minicots (Eevee Evolution Set)

- All were won via YJ auctions

#5. Zukan (Eevee Evolution Set)


- All were won via YJ auctions/dealers

Special Items

#1. Espeon V-Trainer

This figure was a gift from a very kind GA host. The Chikorita keychain I won as part of the GA was abducted by cats, but it was eventually returned safely. Espeon was initially offered to me as a replacement. :3

#2. Charizard and Vulpix Grabber Figures

These figures were from a Japanese seller. I won Vulpix through a YJ auction, and Charizard was sent as a gift along with a friendly note. :D

I would like to thank everyone who made this collection possible, especially the pkmncollectors community and all the middleman-service friendly sellers at YJ auctions.

Further Thanks:
^ To the lady who picked up my passport and immediately returned it to me at Southern Cross station
^ To the good citizen who handed my untouched bag in at Laverton station