Friday, September 28, 2012

Snapshots: September 2012

Spring shedding season has arrived...
The apple sapling in the yard seems to be growing well!
Kora likes cupboard shelves and Ikea pencils. :3

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Game Reviews: Otome September 2012

Spring has arrived, and with it comes my slew of otome games! I’ve got two online games to compare, plus some neat play-throughs of a few smaller downloadable titles. And so we shall endeavour to finish reviewing these suckers before September ends.~
First up, we’ve got Star Project VS. My Candy Love. They’re both girly online dating games, each with a different kind of appeal. That is, aside from the fresh meat random guys on offer. Since my personal opinion on which of these two is the superior game is so obvious, I’ll just cut to the chase...
Go and play Star Project now. NOW! NOW! NOW! DON’T DELAY! Why are you still here, even??
... And if you have some extra time, you might as well sign up for My Candy Love too.
That concludes my concise opinion. Thank you for acknowledging my existence. :)
*** Obligatory Possible Spoiler Warning ***