Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snapshots: December 2012

The end of the year brings us sweltering heatwaves. This makes Kora Cat feel mildly irritated and sleepy. :<
KoraCat-Lazy KoraCat-Bleeh KoraCat-Cushion
We got some candy figures and a second Pathtag in the mail this month. The candy arrived in Pokeball containers!

KoraCat-Night-Pathtag  KoraCat-Meets-Pokeball  KoraCat-Pokeball-Curiosity
Our custom charms also managed to get to us before Christmas. :3
KoraCat-Paw-Curtain KoraCat-December-Custom-Charms KoraCat-Winterwish-Custom-Charms-December

Monday, December 10, 2012

Fun With Pokesav

I’m sure you have a favourite Pokémon. It may have poor stats in game. It might even be Magikarp. But trivial details like that didn’t bother you. Your love of this Pokémon endured.

Then you were finally rewarded for all your faith and individuality. You got Pokesav and a flash card. :3