Cat Conformations

Cat Conformations Series

The cat conformations project is a series of drawings depicting all the different forms which cats can take. It is our personal ongoing passion project, and more pin designs will be added each year (until we run out of shapes and themes). Release details for this collection will be updated below.

Set 1A - 2019

1A-1. Loaf
1A-2. Turkey
1A-3. Goose
1A-4. Chicken
1A-5. Croissaint
1A-6. Bun

Set 1B - 2019

1B-7. Dough
1B-8. Watch
1B-9. Clean Paw
1B-10. Clean Face
1B-11. Wave
1B-12. Face Plant

Special S1 - 2021

S1-1. Summer
S1-2. Spring
S1-3. Autumn
S1-4. Winter

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