KoraCat & Winterwish form a partnership of hobbyists who produce cute and unique creations on a small scale, many of which are inspired by Japanese anime or games. It is widely believed that Winterwish draws her largest source of inspiration from the cats featured below, thus incorporating them into the KoraCat logo and other artwork.

KoraCat & Winterwish are based in Australia and utilize any raised funds to continue crafting new items. They run boutique style online stores offering their extra custom designed items worldwide. They offer a selection of high quality fan made artwork that can be shipped to most countries.

KoraCat & Winterwish were established in 2012, and after receiving positive feedback on their items in addition to their customer service, have persisted in pursuing their craft ever since.


Kora Cat is a spritely tuxedo kitty. She enjoys sleeping on people, darting about aimlessly and rolling about on the ground in her spare time.

In addition to contributing to the content of this publication, Kora Cat also plays a crucial role in keeping her human healthy and active. Such responsibilities include drinking out of teacups, sitting on keyboards and being let inside or outside.

Kora Cat likes to hunt insects and play with fishing line. If neither of these activities are immediately available, she will sometimes wrestle with toilet paper rolls. She is particularly fond of the plaything known as ‘Da Bird’.

Although Kora Cat was once a humble cat who would eat anything, she has since become picky with her food. Most canned food is ignored and only certain flavours of cat biscuit are favoured. She enjoys the taste of sandwich meat.

Kora Cat feels indifferent about good writing. She wishes only for the funding and delivery of tasty noms.

'Despair... So delicious. Fear... So exhilarating!'

tori-1  tori-2

Tori Cat is a friendly new addition to the crew, and was adopted as a young kitten from a registered breeder. He is a typical Ragdoll who doesn't seem to have a single violent whisker on his being. Tori is a Seal Bicolour who eats uncontrollably and is always noming on something. A few of his favourite hobbies include licking people and jumping into boxes.


Winterwish is a reclusive cat enthusiast and Pokémon collector who has spent much of her life indoors. At present she has many scattered ambitions, such as plans for model making, jewellery design, game development, writing and painting.

An only child who lives a quiet and peaceful life with her cats, free from social complication. Became hopelessly fascinated with Pokémon at the age of 10. The series has since been embedded deep into her soul, in the form of a curious interest forever burning with the fiery intensity of a thousand suns. Collects old generation Pokémon merchandise to satisfy the void which was not filled many years ago. Also gathers opal pieces and silver jewellery on the side.

Also enjoys music, taking photographs and videos (of her cats), watching anime, RPG and simulation games. Has played the older generation Pokémon games extensively as well as the Harvest Moon series. Crystal is her favourite of the Pokémon games, while she dislikes D/P and B/W. She has a bad sense of direction both in games and reality and often finds herself lost whenever she goes outside.

Winterwish had a keen interest in animals from an early age, particularly in cats and insects. At the age of 3-4, she aspired to be like the main animated character from 黑猫警长 and always carried a white stuffed cat with her, which had one blue eye and one yellow. She still has this same white cat toy today, but now ironically has an irrational fear of police. Recently, a certain little dog ripped up her vintage stuffed cat toy. She will never forgive it.

Winterwish was taught the art of cricket keeping by her grandfather, and she has since been searching for them each summer. The earliest family of black field crickets she kept in a cage was left outside one night and in the morning it was discovered that ants had eaten every one of them alive. Whether or not this incident traumatised her for life continues to be up for debate.

She considers her greatest strength to lie within her affinity for fine detail and aesthetics. However, others may instead mistake this trait for some form of OCD.


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