Friday, July 22, 2011

Affordable Beauty Products

Some beauty basics ideal for the lazy and broke. Like me. :>
Missha Auto Eyebrow Pencil

I have this eyebrow pencil in brown/grey. It draws on light, making it easier to build up and less likely to look too intense. Missha's pencil is also one of those retractable-crayon types which never needs to be sharpened. The colour shade matches well for people with dyed or not-so-black hair, otherwise for black hair you can go for the Shiseido Gray Eyebrow Pencil instead. They also double as less heavy looking eyeliner.

Nail Filing Block

These things are so amazing. You can polish your bare nails until they go all smooth and shiny, like a well varnished saloon floor. Say goodbye to that crusty month-old nail varnish look. They also come in a slimmer file form, which are less bulky to carry around, but fall apart more easily. I’m almost glad that spa salesman with the long eyelashes pulled me off the street to show me this product. Except that I still didn’t buy anything from him. 

Mattifying Powder

A godsend for people with oily type skin. It’s a translucent white powder which blots away oily shine that builds up at the end of the day. No longer will your head resemble a bowling ball each evening. 

Max Factor Sheer Gloss Balm

Provides a more natural lip colour without smearing or staining. It also prevents your lips from drying out and cracking, but it’s less sticky than just a regular colourless balm. I got mine free as a promotional gift from someone working in retail. You can also get other free stuff sent to your house by filling out online sample forms.

Brandless Eye Shadow Palette

It’s so cheap that it has no brand! Sure, it does suck that none of the colours show up very well, but at least you get a lot of them. Good for people who don’t have heavy double lids, and can also be used as eyeliner or brow filler. Pulls off the subtle winged eyeliner look quite well.

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