Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Amusing Lyrics

Misheard Lyrics
These arise when the lyrics of a song sound unclear, thus causing confusion. This is especially common in music sung with languages other than English, producing subtitles of hilarious gibberish. A must if you find fobby languages such as Chinglish, Engrish or Spanglish funny.

Misheard lyrics can also be found applied to music that has no real words, such as the Smash Brothers Brawl Theme. All these misheard melodies plus so many more can be found on Youtube.
Example: ‘Our lips are sealed’ = I licked a seal

Naruto Opening 11:

Music by Comedians
Tim Minchin – Blessed with the ability to create beautiful melodies while tainting them at the same time.

Tripod – A trio of comedic musicians.
And an old classic, Your Horoscope for Today:

There are also many weird and wonderful Japanese clips to be found, such as this:

Hours of endless amusement awaits you! /^^/
*All entertainment courtesy of Youtube. I take no credit for anything.~

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