Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BB Cream Reviews

BB creams are a product that sit somewhere between foundation and skincare, and therefore they can save you both time and money. Many BB creams include multiple functions on top of acting as a foundation, such as UV protection, moisturiser and blemish healing properties.

Those of you who are tired of dealing with the orangey foundation effect may want to try switching to BB creams, as they tend to blend better with natural skin tone and result in a more natural look. Or, if you always forget to clean the product off your face each day, I find BB creams often improve skin condition overnight. (Although you are actually supposed to wash them off each day.)

To give an idea of the skin type I used these BB creams on: Oily. Heavy T-zone oriented shine. Not much acne or blemishes nowadays, maybe a few random darker spots. Did I mention oily? Okay, then. I’m also really pale. As in, I’m always that ghostly-apparition thing in any group photos.

Etude House – Magic BB Cream 

Cream Properties: Very silky and smooth texture, a small amount of the product can be spread easily over the entire face. Smells faintly of herbs. 

Applied Look: Brightens skin tone a little with medium coverage.
Oil Control: Slightly more oil shine than The Face Shop’s cream. 
Comments: This one was actually advertised as being for the oily skin type. If you have any dry areas on your skin that are flaking, this cream won’t really fix that. You can definitely see and feel the quality of it though, and it is probably the best looking cream out of the bunch. 


The Face Shop – Oil Free BB Cream 

Cream Properties: It’s more darkly coloured and less finely smooth in texture compared to the other creams. It smells a bit like sunscreen, but is not quite as floral as Shills’ cream.
Applied Look: Seems more natural. If you look like a ghost, it darkens your skin tone slightly to make you look a teeny bit more human. Has medium coverage.
Oil Control: I found this one to have the least oil shine. That’s not saying it controls oil though, it’s just slightly better at reducing the shine than Etude House’s cream. 

Comments: I wasn’t expecting this to be that great when I saw the cream itself, but it has nearly the same effect as the silky smooth Etude House stuff. Maybe even better. You do have to use more of it, and it doesn’t have the nicest texture, but I was still really surprised at how well this one did.


Missha – Perfect Cover BB Cream 

Cream Properties: Has a very nice smooth texture, and is another cream where you can feel the quality. Also comes in several shades. It smells like something between a sunscreen and a moisturiser.
Applied Look: Very good concealing power. It will cover a lot of blemishes at the cost of looking like you are wearing some kind of product. Can have medium to heavy coverage depending on how much you apply. Generally looks heavier than regular BB creams.
Oil Control: Quite a bit of oily shine, probably more than the lighter and more natural looking creams.
Comments: I was pretty impressed when I first started using this one, because it was so good at covering things up and making me look even paler. But after a while, it dawned on me that looking both super pale and shiny made my face resemble the moon. I originally started using the darker shade (No. 21) before switching to the vampire shade (No. 13), and this cream probably might have worked better on me with shade No. 21. Anyway, you probably only want to use this if you have noticeable blemishes that you want to hide. It does look considerably heavier than the lighter BB creams, which is what it was designed to do.


Shills – Cherry Blossom BB Cream 

Cream Properties: A light, watery and translucent cream. It smells quite nice, like a softly floral sunscreen.
Applied Look: The most natural. Because it is translucent, it simply brightens your skin up and makes your skin look healthier. Has light to medium coverage.
Oil Control: Lots of oily shine when you use any other product along with it. And still pretty oily when used alone.
Comments: The main selling points of this cream are that it’s cheap, translucent and smells nice. It certainly doesn’t control oil in my experience, but it’s very useful for when you feel like making a quick trip out of the house without looking like a complete hobo. It doesn’t really offer much coverage, but it definitely makes a difference compared to not wearing any product at all. The tube it comes in looks totally dodgy, which is why there are so many Shills imitations out there. Be very cautious when buying Shills creams and check your product carefully.


Which BB cream you decide to use really depends on personal factors, such as how much blemish coverage you need versus how well the cream sits on your skin. I’d say overall Etude House’s BB cream is probably the highest quality and has worked the best in general, but The Face Shop’s product absorbed into my skin better. And unfortunately none of these BB creams can prevent oil seepage, so it’s back to mattifying powders and paper blotting. :|

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