Friday, November 30, 2012

Snapshots: November 2012

November has been quite an eventful month for our dear Kora Cat. :3
KoraCat-Vaporeon_Plush tasty-towel KoraCat-Camo-Bag
Our first Pathtag arrived a few days ago, as did more Eevee promotion merchandise!
KoraCat-Pathtags-2012 Privileged-KoraCat KoraCat-Peacock
A bird repeatedly rammed himself into our window one day, much to the amusement of Kora and Ginger.
Bird-1 Bird-3 Bird-4 Bird-5
And finally, we went geocaching for the first time... Here are some shots of the trip.

IMAG0220 IMAG0221 IMAG0222 IMAG0224
(Our username is Winterwish, but you may also find Kora Cat tags from us in the wild.)

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