Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eevee Promotion Special

With so much new Eevee evolution merchandise being pumped out this year, I feel like it's only right to share. :3

As you may already know, I am a big Eeveelutions collector. However, I am not a big plush fan since they take up so much space. This time though, I decided to grab a few for my collection.
Pokemon Center Collection Plush: Vaporeon
This is the Vaporeon sitting plush. I think it looks a little... odd.
Perhaps there isn't enough stuffing in the head on this one?
Takara Tomy Plush: Vaporeon
And the Vaporeon standing plush. The face on mine is kind of lopsided though. :<
This is really a nice looking plush, probably my favourite new release so far.
Eeveelution Mini Pokedolls
I ordered the whole set of 8 mini Eevee evolution Pokedolls.
My Vaporeon looks totally scary, but maybe I just have super bad luck with quality control?
Pokedolls are my favourite plush items, but I really wish someone had put more thought into the design and material used for this miniature set. The stitching is not consistent and they just don't resemble original Pokedolls anymore.
I'll always love my original Eeveelution Pokedolls most of all, for their superior quality and perfect workmanship. It makes me sad that such beautiful products have been lost, only to be replaced by so much new derpiness.
Sleepy Eevee Pillow
This Eevee cushion is awesome!~ I can't bring myself to actually use it...
It probably needs a bit of ironing out to fix those face rumples. :3

Keychain Plush: Vaporeon
Oh, I think this plush is the derpiest one yet! The mouth is really lopsided, and some stitching on the eye is actually coming off. It looked much better in the stock photo.


Either the universe doesn't want me to own these plush releases, or someone desperately needs to crack down in the quality control department. I ordered the Jolteon and Flareon keychain plushies as well, who knows what they'll actually look like when they make it to me. xD

jolteon-flareon-keychain-plush jolteon-keychain-plush-side flareon-keychain-plush-side

Jolteon and Flareon have since arrived, too. They're also a little disappointing, but at least they have properly stitched mouths. I think if they used better quality material, these keychain plush would have turned out nicer.

They look much improved if you take pictures of them on the side...

Eeveelutions Cookie Tin
This is a really nice little tin of cookies. The dimensions are a little narrow to put much inside, but the artwork on it is really pretty. The actual cookies have the heads of all the Eeveelutions stamped onto them.

Eevee-Cookie-Tin kora-Cookie-Tin eevee-tin-cookies

I'm not sure if I'll be eating all the Eevee cookies inside yet. Four of mine arrived broken in their packaging, so I went ahead and ate those. :D They taste like standard Marie biscuits you can get at the supermarket, maybe a little less sweet.

Eeveelutions Chupa Figures
I ordered a box of these to pull one of each figure. There were 10 figures in total.
These candy figures come packaged in different Pokeballs. You get one hard round candy with each one. The candy tastes somewhat like fruit Chupa Chup lollipops. Here is the Eevee candy figure set:

KoraCat VS Candy Figure Comparison vaporeon-candy-fig
candy-figures-keeping vaporeon-candy-fig-side-paint
eevee-candy-fig flareon-candy-fig jolteon-candy-fig
My Eevee has some serious glaze overcoating, while Jolteon barely has any. :'>
Vaporeon is quite good though, ignoring the small paint splash just near one fin.

Eeveelution Pouches & Mansion Releases
Here are the two Eevee promotion pouches, as well as the hair clips from the Eevee Mansion release. And the new Vaporeon Kid figure released in December 2012 for size reference. :3

pouch-eevee hair clips  eevee-hair clips-december vaporeon kid
Eevee Ippai Collection (Takara Tomy)
My Tomy Ippai Eevee figure set has also arrived. It's a beautiful assortment of all 8 members of the Eevee family, in a few poses seen in one of the movies (Giratina and the Sky Warrior).

eevee-espeon-umbreon tomy 2012
leafeon-glaceon-tomy-2012  leafeon-tomy-derp-mouth
Take a look at Leafeon's unnaturally happy mouth from underneath. I don't even... ><'

Chibi Kyun Chara: Eevee Evolutions Collection (Volume 1)
This is my favorite set of Eevee set figures... ever. They are chibi, large, well made and I highly recommend them to all collectors! My personal favorite from this set is Jolteon even though Vaporeon is traditionally more loved. (I think Vaporeon would benefit from a wider mouth line like the others.)

Eevee Chibi Kyun Chara Set

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