Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Fire Emblem: Heroes - List

I think the biggest draw of Fire Emblem: Heroes is the fact that any character you can remember from the franchise can be summoned, and used to do your bidding. The roster is so diverse, and with skill inheritance, you never know who might finish you off in the Arena. Probably the whales who have thrown the most money into Orbs. Don't even get me started on the limited edition fan service units this game offers every few months.

In a somewhat Pokemon Go like fashion, you can improve your best characters by sacrificing lesser ones to the Intelligent Systems God. This means pay-to win-players will have heaps of character fodder to strip useful skills from. Stat pages determine with 100% certainty the victor of any duel, meaning the best character will always win. No critical hits, RNG or chance involved. The IVs you roll on any one character from the very start determines whether that unit lives, dies or becomes skill fodder. 

Should you fall in battle, it will be your own fault for ordering your units to stumble about the map like drunken giraffes. I think this is one of those games where it really shows if you are bad at strategy, and no amount of sugar-coating can make up for your inherent lack of skill. There are true tacticians out there who can use crappy three star free-to-play units to defeat the Lunatic and even Infernal modes. Be prepared to take a hit to your self esteem and general sense of self worth when you flail around helplessly during Grand Hero battles. Thank Dragonite these people are kind enough to upload guide videos on YouTube to save me from my own incompetence. 

Gameplay aside, the artwork is really amazing. It's way better than what we got on the 3DS titles. You can actually tell which characters the icons are representing, instead of those tiny blurry 3D models! No longer shall we squint with confusion when attempting to move around units! I would even go so far to say that they put too much effort into this game for it to be just a pay to win mobile app. I really hope all this artistic effort goes into future Fire Emblem console titles.

So, here's a list of all my favorite characters in Heroes that I'll never be able to acquire as a free player. (I'm also pretty terrible at strategy games in general, especially when set above Easy/Normal difficulty mode. I probably wouldn't be able to keep anyone alive in any kind of permanent death mode.)
Spoiler: Cordelia is the best character.
Fire Emblem Heroes - Build List

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