Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vocaloid Time

Until about a week ago, I never knew who Miku Hatsune was.

Was she an anime character? Mascot? Leek farmer? Nope, we now know she is the original Vocaloid. In other words, a fictitious android from the future brought here to make music.

But what exactly is a Vocaloid, you ask? Apparently, if you weren't born gifted with a melodic singing voice, you can now purchase a Japanese voice bank to sing all your original music in your place. The voice is provided by a singer/voice actress, and can be manipulated to sing along to any tune.

You can also pay money to see holograms of these Vocaloid idols perform on stage. The compromise for Vocaloids not being real people means that they can never really set a bad example to the kids who love them, unlike so many real life celebrities.

Here are some of my favourite Vocaloid songs I have stumbled across recently:

Hatsune Miku: World is Mine

You wouldn't think screaming could be in any way positive for a song like this, but evidently, it can.

Hatsune Miku: 15 Years of Pursuing a Cute Boy

It's just like watching one of those shojo anime series with a depressing twist. Full Moon o Sagashite springs to mind.

Gumi/ Rin/ Len: First Love Academy - School of True Love

More classic shojo anime series compressed into four minutes of catchy song. If only they still made it as good as this...

Vocaloid Six: Party x Party

I really wish this was an actual game, as the artwork featured in it is just outstanding.

Kagamine Len: The Riddle Solver

Some of these music releases take a creepy turn, and here's an example of one such production.

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