Monday, July 28, 2014

Plants: July 2014

So after weeks of not appearing at the nursery, we finally have Blue Star Creeper (Pratia Blue)!~ Hopefully it doesn't start dying like the Pratia White on the front lawn, which never recovered from a snail attack.
new plantings pratia blue pratia info
I've also managed to somehow grow a corn seedling in a tiny pot meant for Japanese strawberries.
Now our plant count is as follows:

1x Pink Creeping Thyme
1x Scottish Moss
2x Pratia White (Medium)
3x Pratia Blue (Medium)
3x Pratia Blue (Small)
1x Snow in Summer
1x Japanese Maple
1x Purple Corn Seedling
15x Purple Corn Seeds (Planted)
Purple Corn Seed
The pot and cup system used to grow this purple corn seedling is called 'Shippon: Self Watering Animal Tail'.
It originally came with wild strawberry seeds, which I planted at the same time as a single corn kernel. 
Shippon Planter Self-Watering Plant Holders shipponcat
None of the strawberry seeds germinated, and over time they began to mould. The corn kernel didn't seem to be bothered by the mould growing up through the filter system. The log below shows the gradual growth of the corn seedling in the Shippon cup.

Day 1: 6th July 2014
‎6 ‎July ‎2014
Day 12: 18th July 2014
18 ‎July ‎2014

Day 14: 20th July 2014
20 ‎July ‎2014

Day 15: 21st July 2014
‎21 ‎July ‎2014

Day 16: 22nd July 2014

22 ‎July ‎2014

Day 17: 23rd July 2014

‎23 ‎July ‎2014

Day 19: 25th July 2014
25 ‎July ‎2014

Day 22: 28th July 2014
28 ‎July ‎2014  28 July 2014A
28 July 2014B  28 July 2014C
New Purple Corn Seeds
Corn Seed Start Corn Seeds1 Corn Seeds2

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