Saturday, April 27, 2013

Draw My Life: Kora Cat


Gather round for a roughly illustrated, abridged biography of our dear Kora Cat. :3


Kora Cat was born around April 1st, 2010 in the outer-west suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Apparently her mother had a litter of 5 kittens in the roof of a house, with Kora being the only long-haired sibling.
Her father's identity is a mystery, as it was only known that her mother was an ordinary, black and white DSH cat. Public opinion suggests that he may have been a Ragdoll, although Kora certainly does not have the peaceful persona of one.
I had been sporadically looking at online advertisements for cats, even though I wasn't actually permitted to get one.
(As you may be aware, Asian parents tend to avoid getting pets because they believe it would be too much hassle to clean up after one.)
One day, while browsing the Trading Post, I noticed a blurry photo of a black kitten. I thought it was an entirely black cat at the time. I saved the picture and listing screenshot to my computer.
Some time passed, until my 21st birthday rolled around in mid-May. On that day, we decided to screw the rules and pick up the black kitten I had seen anyway. So I made a phone call to the owner of the listed kittens, who advised that they were all available.
We first bought all the necessary things to prepare for the new arrival, and then made arrangements to visit the kittens.

[This space will be progressively filled with more scans and captions.]

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